Personal Guarantee

Thank you for giving Barker Heating & Cooling an opportunity to provide services for your home. We want to ensure your project goes smoothly and that we deliver the results listed in our proposal. In addition to those results we know letting our team in some that you might not have met yet puts a lot of your trust into us, so we want to assure you that we will deliver these results no matter what solution you choose for your home.

  1. A clean home every time. We guarantee that your home will look as good or better when we’re done with your project. Your floors and walls will be protected, we will clean up after ourselves, and we will remove all old and used material from your home and leave nothing behind. If it doesn’t look as clean as it does when we start, we’ll pay to have your home and your floors cleaned professionally.
  2. Never a change order or price adjustment. You're relying on our professional evaluation and price to provide you with the solution for your home. If we didn’t measure correctly or identify an issue before presenting you with pricing that’s on us to burden not on you as the homeowner. We will also never surprise you with hidden costs that are not spoken about during the installation like permit and inspection fees, or disposal fees, the number that you see delivers those results.
  3. At least a 10-year warranty on our installations. Doing things right the first time can come at a cost, and it’s easier to be cheaper if you put the burden and cost on the homeowner if things don’t work well. No one wants to pay less to do things wrong because we know that it will cost us more to fix, repair, maintain, or operate the equipment. We also know that in California’s mild climate it can take a few years to break in the system. With that in mind, we ensure you will never pay a repair cost towards your system for 10 years. That includes labor, parts, material, and equipment. No deductibles, never a hidden charge, 10 years of trouble-free service, and if there is an issue, we will be there in one business day or less.
  4. Lifetime Craftsmanship warranty. We install the equipment right and use the right products and material for the application. Which means all of the material used to install your equipment will last the lifetime of the equipment (20 years) so if a piece of tape unglues or insulation breaks apart, we will fix it and make it right and ensure it looks good for as long as you own it.
    Our team will walk you through every step of the project and ensure you're not wondering what's left or next to do. All of your paperwork, permits, inspections, registrations, and warranties will be handled by us. You can always reach out to them to take care of your needs via phone at (925) 276-9601, and If you feel like you’re not getting the resolution to your issue that is to your satisfaction, please give me a call on my personal cell phone @ 925-276-9601 and I’ll respond within 24 hours.

    Thank you,

    Christopher Barker