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Quiet whole house fan installation services in Livermore & Tri-Valley

Most homes in and around the Livermore, CA area are equipped with central air conditioning, but did you know there was another way you could add to your indoor comfort, while also cutting down on energy costs? Whole house fans bring in fresh, cool air through open windows and exhaust hot, stale air out attic vents. This cools down your home as a whole, while also leading to improved energy savings. Although there are plenty of energy upgrades in California, few offer the same benefits of ease of use as a whole house fan. At Barker Heating & Cooling we are your HVAC experts. With over 20 years of experience, we can provide the best whole house fan system for your home and family!

Looking for additional ways to improve your energy efficiency? Consider regular air conditioner maintenance with our staff.

How Do Whole House Fans Work?

A whole house fan cools and ventilates a home with fresh air and exhausts existing hot, stale air out the attic vents. Anytime the outside temperature is comfortable, it's a great time to run your whole house fan to experience a cooling breeze inside to ventilate your home with fresh air and save on A/C cooling costs.

To use a whole house fan, open a few windows 4-6" each. Turn on your whole house fan and instantly feel a powerful breeze fill your home. The whole house fan pulls outside air through open windows to cool and ventilate the entire home with fresh, cool air. The air is then exhausted into the attic space and forces out the hot air inside the attic. You'll want to use your whole house fan in the morning, evening and night times when the outside temperature is comfortable. Cooling your home with a whole house fan leads to staying cool with less A/C use, more money in your wallet and fresh indoor air.

The Benefits of Professional Services

Are you wondering if a whole house fan is right for you? There are plenty of benefits that make it a top choice among homeowners in and around Livermore. These perks include:

  • Quiet Operation: QuietCool whole house fans are far different than the 1970s whole house fan your grandpa had. The QuietCool products are built in the USA using top quality materials and include a whisper quiet ducting system that removes the noise from your living space so you can enjoy all the benefits without the loud noise!
  • Instant Cooling: A whole house fan creates an instant powerful breeze! This cooling breeze removes stagnant heat and fills the home and attic with fresh cool air. The breeze also cools and balances the temperature through the home, upstairs and problem heat rooms included!
  • Energy Efficient: Installing a whole house fan can reduce A/C by up to 50-90%. A whole house fan is the perfect option to reduce energy costs while trying to stay cool. If you have an A/C system, consider reducing your A/C bill drastically while improving comfort and fresh air ventilation in your home with a whole house fan. If you don't have A/C, consider a whole house fan as an affordable home cooling option.
  • Little Upkeep: Unlike air conditioners that have plenty of moving parts and evaporator coils that help them cool air, whole house fans simply move air in and out of your home. Not only does this simplify the process, but it also cuts down on the risk of large-scale repair issues.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality: A whole house fan can transform your indoor air quality in minutes. With a properly sized system, experience a full home air exchange in 3-4 minutes or 15-20 per hour. People love whole house fans for bringing in fresh air indoors and removing pet dander, cooking odor, smoke, steam, germs, airborne pathogens, VOC gases, bacteria and viruses.

Although some homeowners find Lowes whole house fans as an inexpensive alternative, once you get down to the actual installation, you’ll see that professional help is needed. At Barker Heating & Cooling we have over 20 years of experience, and can quickly and accurately have your whole house fan installed in no time.

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Whether you’re planning on using it as a whole house cooling fan or simply as an exhaust fan that works in conjunction with your air conditioner, these energy efficient upgrades can give you plenty of benefits in your home. Barker Heating & Cooling is your whole house fan company. We have extensive experience in the area and know what works best. Our installations lead to improved performance, quieter operation, and the peace of mind that your home will be protected even when the season change.

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