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Livermore & Tri-Valley Air Conditioning Installation Services

The last thing any homeowner wants to hear is that their air conditioner needs a replacement, but in many cases - that’s the reality. At Barker Heating & Cooling our aim is to make your AC replacement needs an affordable and stress-free experience. Not only do we help you find the best unit that works for your home needs and your budget, but also we install it according to manufacturer specifications, so you have peace of mind that your air conditioner is performing at its best.

Are you in need for an AC replacement? Be sure to contact us to schedule regular AC maintenance services to keep your system in top shape.

When Is an AC Replacement Necessary?

Although many air conditioning issues can be solved with a repair, at some point, investing in a new air conditioner installation may be your best option. Consider replacing your unit if:

  • Constant Repairs: While regular repairs will always cost less than an all-new air conditioner, at some point the cost of frequent service calls can easily add up to the cost of a new system. A general rule of thumb is your AC should require no more than one repair a year - anything over that - and you should be looking for a replacement.
  • System 15-Years or Older: Like any appliance in your home, your air conditioner can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years. Once that time is up, you’ll see a decrease in performance and air quality. Instead of repairing an old unit, upgrade to an improved system.
  • Home Additions: Are you expanding your home? Noticing a decrease in airflow? Air conditioners are sized based on square footage and energy needs to cool your home. If you’ve recently added to your home, chances are your AC unit is no longer able to keep up with demands.
  • Energy Efficiency: Your air conditioner is one of the larger consumers of electricity in your home. If you notice constant spikes in your utilities, particularly during the summer months, an old air conditioner unit may be to blame.

At Barker Heating & Cooling we offer top-quality central AC installation services. Not only do we help you find the best unit for your home, but also we install it quickly, so you can enjoy a cool and comfortable home again in no time!

The Benefits of New Installations

While you may not want the expense of an air conditioner replacement, it may not be the worst thing for your home. With a new air conditioner, you’ll enjoy a big boost in your property value and in some instances tax-deductible savings that can help cover the cost. Additionally, newer air conditioners are designed to be more energy efficient, which can help you save big on your monthly costs.

Also, with a new air conditioner in place, you’ll quickly notice an improvement not only in the indoor air quality of your home, which can directly affect your health but also in the performance of your AC. Are there areas in your home that are constantly too hot or too cold? With a correctly sized air conditioner in place, you’ll enjoy unparalleled cooling guaranteed to keep your comfortable.

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Quality Installation Experts in Livermore

With over 20 years of local expertise, a team of fully trained and licensed professionals, and top quality services in terms of cost and reliability, we make installing a new air conditioner in your home a breeze. When you call us for service we’ll take the time to inspect your home and understand your cooling needs. This allows us to find you the best unit that works for your home and your budget.

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