You’re the pack leader when it comes to excellent taste in HVAC service...
And your whole community should know it! So, we set up an easy and rewarding referral system:

  • First, text Barker to 70402 to get links to our review sites where you will post a review of your experience with our company.
  • Next, if you know anyone in need of our services, tell them to call or text us at 925- 560-0280. Make sure they mention your name when booking their appointment so that you can receive your referral credit.
  • Alternatively, those people who don’t like making phone calls may fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to them.

For each client you refer, you’ll receive $150 per upgrade they purchase. For example, if they upgrade their furnace, ductwork, air conditioning, and add a whole house fan, you’ll receive a check for $600.

There is no minimum or limit to how many people you can refer!