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When you own a home, you always want what’s best for it. Your heating system, whether you have a furnace or a central heating system, is key to that comfort, particularly during the winter months in Walnut Creek. At Barker Heating & Cooling we are your professional heating contractors. We offer a full range of services including furnace repairs, heating tune-ups, and even water heater services. Providing the best heating installation & repair service in Walnut Creek, CA, Ygnacio Valley, Rossmoor & nearby surrounding areas. So when you call for help, you know you’re getting an experienced solution that’s backed by our 20 years of service.

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Symptoms of a Damaged Furnace

Your furnace is a complex system that keeps your home warm and comfortable - which is why dealing with a repair issue can be so challenging. Knowing when to call us just as important as knowing who to call. Common warning signs include:

  • High Energy Bills: During those winter months when your furnace is in use, you’re going to see a general uptick in your utility costs. If your unit is damaged or poorly maintained, however, those increases can be double or even triple.
  • Poor Airflow: Your furnace should keep the air in your home warm throughout. If there are some rooms that aren’t getting enough hot air, or the airflow throughout is low, a damaged furnace could be to blame.
  • Fluctuating Temperatures: Are you setting your furnace at a warm temperature only to have to wait hours before it gets there? As a furnace falls into disrepair, it’ll struggle to maintain warm temperatures or fail to reach them in general.

Our heating contractors offer expert furnace repair services that can keep your home warm with your costs down. A good way to easily prevent expensive emergency services is with furane tune-ups and maintenance. At Barker Heating & Cooling we offer detailed maintenance programs that can be scheduled in advance for your convenience.

How Can Water Heater Replacement Benefit Your Home?

The last way you want to find out that your water heater is damaged is in the middle of the shower. More often than not, your water heater will warn you before any emergency services are needed. Things like high energy costs, low water pressure, and rust colored water could all be a symptom of a damaged system.

We offer timely and professional repair services that can get your unit back up and running. Additionally, we offer hot water heater maintenance, which can improve performance and avoid those major emergency issues like a water leak or a burst tank.

We can also help you with your indoor air quality, which can be a major factor for a healthy home.

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Since opening our doors in 1998 - our goal has been to help our customers keep their homes comfortable and safe. While you may not need your heating system year-round on Walnut Creek, it’s important to know it works before the winter season rolls in. At Barker Heating & Cooling we offer professional heater repairs, furnace maintenance, and general services to keep you happy and warm.

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