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Your air conditioner is a complex combination of parts and machinery that help you enjoy the most essential comfort in your home. If any of these parts are damaged, it could be the literal cog in the machine, that prevents your home from cooling. Your air handler is one of those systems. It helps distribute the air throughout your home and without it, you could quickly find yourself in an emergency situation. Luckily, our air conditioning experts at Barker Heating & Cooling have the top-quality air handler repair and installation solutions. We offer fast response times, personalized services, and affordable rates, so you can enjoy a cool and comfortable Livermore, CA home in no time!

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How Do Air Handlers Work?

The air handler is the part of your AC that is responsible for blowing cold air through your home. You don’t see it on a daily basis because it’s located typically in a closet or attic, but it’s definitely one of the most important parts of your HVAC system. An air handler consists of three main parts: the blower, evaporator coils, and air filtration.

If your blower motor stops working, you won’t feel air flowing from your vents and if your evaporator coils don’t work or are dirty, the air will flow but it won’t be cold. The air filter, although it may not cause immediate catastrophic failure, helps keep the other two components functioning by preventing debris and dust from building up.

All three of these parts must work together in order for your air conditioner to supply you with cold air, which means it’s important for them to be serviced annually. Annual service includes checking and changing the filter, cleaning your evaporator coils so they don’t freeze, and inspecting all parts of the blower motor (belts, wiring, lubrication, etc.)

Signs Your System Needs Replacement

While there may be some technical knowledge needed to diagnose more complex air handler repairs, there are some warning signs homeowners can be on the lookout for that’ll cut down on downtime in your home. They include:

  • Noisy Operation: Your air handler has a lot of moving parts including belts and machinery. Anytime your air conditioner is making an odd noise, it could stem from an issue in the air handler.
  • High Energy Bills: No homeowner wants to pay more on monthly utilities. If you notice a higher than usual spike in your bill - there could be an issue.
  • Fluctuating Temperatures: The air handler plays a role in cooling down the air that enters your home. If your temperature is sometimes freezing and other times lukewarm, chances are your air handler is to blame.
  • Poor Airflow: The most important job of the air handler is to distribute cold air throughout your home. If you have low airflow in certain areas, repairs are needed.

The earlier you detect an issue with your air conditioner, the less risk there is of running into an emergency situation.

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Professional Solutions from Barker Heating & Cooling

At Barker Heating & Cooling we’ve been serving homeowners in the Livermore, CA area for over 20 years. In that time we’ve perfected and improved our services to ensure you get fast solutions you can count on. Whether your issue can be repaired simply or will require a complete air handler replacement, you can trust our technicians to get the job done right, guaranteed!

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