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Air ducts aren’t something that most people think about on a regular basis, but periodically, it can be wise to have them inspected. This vital part of your HVAC system is responsible for delivering the cold or hot air that is needed throughout the year. If they become damaged or clogged, it can affect how comfortable your home is. With that said, finding a reliable air duct service company can be difficult! Luckily you don’t have to look much further - Barker Heating & Cooling is your full-service HVAC company of choice! We strive to provide professional, friendly service that leaves you with a clean home after every visit and offer a flat-rate pricing structure. Because we were founded in 1998, you can trust that we aren’t going anywhere and our Lifetime Craftsmanship Warranty isn’t an empty promise!

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Warning Signs of Damaged Air Ducts

Because you don’t see your air ducts on a regular basis, it can be difficult to determine whether or not they are damaged. However, by paying a little attention or taking notice of just a few things, you will easily be able to detect this problem:

  • Dust: No one likes having a dusty home, but if you find yourself cleaning far more often than you used to, it’s probably related to your air ducts
  • Noise: Damaged air ducts can be noisy because your AC unit is working overtime, and there could be parts or components moving around that shouldn’t be, under normal conditions
  • High Energy Costs: Because your AC is working much harder than normal, it is only natural that your energy bill will reflect it
  • Uncomfortable Home: Some rooms might be perfectly comfortable while other rooms feel like a sauna. This should never be the case as your AC system should cool your home evenly. Usually, this problem happens because air is escaping in certain parts of your ducts
  • Musty Smells: If your ductwork has a leak, air can escape. However, moisture can also get into the duct which will allow for mold to grow, causing the musty smell when your AC runs

The Benefits of Ductwork Replacement

When your air ducts have not been properly maintained by a previous homeowner, it can be as costly to make all of the repairs needed as it is to replace the ductwork. Other times, the benefits of replacement can be so advantageous that there is no reason not to choose new air ducts:

  • Air Quality: Air ducts are the last component of your HVAC system before the air reaches you. Newly installed ducts are free of mold, dust, and debris, which means clean air flowing through your home
  • Increased Efficiency: When your home is properly cooled (or heated) the HVAC system won’t have to work as long or as hard to keep your home comfortable, allowing for a lower energy bill
  • Increased Longevity: The harder your AC works typically means a shorter lifespan of the unit. Clean ducts allow the system to not work as hard so it can last much longer
  • Comfort: With duct replacement, your home will feel much more comfortable throughout--no more absurdly warm or cold rooms!

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Quality Air Duct Services

When you’re looking for air duct replacement services or have any type of HVAC needs, you shouldn’t hesitate to call Barker Heating & Cooling! Our goal is always to offer the best service and an affordable cost that is presented as a flat-rate price. This means that you’ll never feel like the technician is taking longer than needed to solve a problem or perform an installation just to increase the number of charged hours!

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