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Is your furnace struggling to keep up with your home heating needs? Looking for a good way to keep your heating system healthy? At Barker Heating & Cooling we are your heating contractors of choice. We provide the best heating installation & repair service in Fremont, CA, Union City, Newark & nearby surrounding areas. With over 20 years of local expertise, a team of licensed and insured experts, and affordable solutions to all your heating needs, we make service stress-free. Not only can we respond to emergency heating repairs, but also we offer furnace tune-ups and maintenance, which go a long way to keeping your home in the best condition possible.

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What’s Included in Furnace Maintenance Services?

The best way to keep your furnace in good working order is with regular maintenance and tune-ups. At Barker Heating & Cooling we offer detailed services that include inspections, minor repairs, furnace filter replacements, and an overall health check on your system. Whether you schedule this out yearly or quarterly, it’s your opportunity to prevent an emergency. Because furnaces are mainly used in the winter, the off months with no use can be a severe problem. Keeping up with your maintenance will ensure your peace of mind.

Our technicians also offer furnace repair services for those larger issues. The system not turning on? Getting low airflow in certain areas of your home? We take the time to diagnose your issues and get to the root of the problem. This cuts down on our need for change orders and gives you peace of mind that your issue is resolved the first time we come to your home.

Tankless vs. Tanked Water Heaters

Are you looking for a water heater replacement company to help you with installations? When the time comes for your old water heater to hit the curb, you’re going to have to choose between a traditional water heater and a tankless on demand water heater.

Tanked water heaters are your traditional choice for water heating. These systems offer convenient and reliable water heating with a lower price point. Newer systems are built to be more energy efficient, and can also be purchased with a larger reservoir tank for added water supply. The main difficulty with these systems is they’re prone to water heater leak repair needs. Over time the metal in the system deteriorates, putting your home at risk for water damage.

Tankless water heaters are just as energy efficient if not more. Instead of heating water continuously, they heat water on demand when you need it. This helps cut down significantly on your costs. Additionally, these units have a tendency to last much longer than your standard unit, giving you added peace of mind. Their main challenge is the initial investment.

At Barker Heating & Cooling we are your reliable water heater installation experts. From choosing your water heater to installing it efficiently, we make the entire process easy and also work within your budget to find a cost-effective solution.

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Your Heating Specialists

At Barker Heating & Cooling we’re homeowners too, which means we understand the challenges and importance of a quality heating system. Not only is it critical for your comfort, but your safety can depend on it during the colder months. Our furnace and heating contractors are the best in the business and work hard to provide the level of customer care we would want in our own homes. So the next time you need help, give us a call.

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