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Expert heating repair and installation services in Pleasanton, CA

Keeping your home warm and comfortable is essential, particularly during the winter months in Pleasanton. However, if you can’t remember the last time you had heater maintenance done in your home, you may be in trouble. At Barker Heating & Cooling we are your professional heating company. From repairs to complete replacements, you can count on our heating contractors to get your home back in comfortable conditions.

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Signs Your Furnace Needs Repair Services

If you don’t want to find yourself with an emergency situation in the middle of the winter season, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the warning signs that your furnace needs repairs. Some of the more common symptoms include:

  • High energy costs
  • Poor airflow
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Noisy operation
  • A decrease in indoor air quality

While you may not be a heating contractor, if you pay enough attention to your home, you’ll be able to detect an issue before it happens. When you do need quality furnace repairs, you can count on our staff for help. Additionally, we offer regular maintenance plans that can keep your unit working for longer, while also adding some energy efficiency to boot!

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Tired of dealing with an old water heater? Worried about the risk of water heater leak repair? The best way to get more from your home is with a tankless water heater. These small and powerful units offer hot water on demand with the added bonuses of space saving design and improved energy efficiency.

While these systems do have a higher initial cost, they do offer plenty of benefits that improve the comfort in your home. If you still have a traditional water heater, we can help too! The important step every homeowner should take is regular hot water heater maintenance. Because water heaters are in constant contact with water, they’re often susceptible to deterioration and damage. If you notice any rust in your water, you know you should call for help immediately!

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Quality Heating Services a Call Away

At Barker Heating & Cooling we want to be your companion for a healthy home. Whether that means an indoor air quality inspection, heater repair, or a complete furnace overhaul. We’ve been serving the Pleasanton, CA, Livermore, Verona & nearby surrounding areas for over 20 years and have made long-time customers after every service call. No matter the need, you can trust that we’ll provide you with affordable rates on long-lasting solutions.

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