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While you never want to live in a sauna, nothing is more uncomfortable than dry air. Not only can it affect the comfort in your home, but in some cases, it could lead to health concerns as well. At Barker Heating & Cooling we offer expert AC humidifier installation services. These devices allow you to add moisture in the air as needed, improving air conditioner performance and helping your family breath a little easier. Our goal is to be your companion for a healthy home and one of the easiest steps to take it is with the indoor air quality. Not sure if an AC humidifier is right for you? Our comfort consultants will take the time to inspect your home and get you the perfect solution you need.

We also offer indoor air quality testing and top services that can add to your indoor comfort.

How Do Humidifiers Work?

An AC humidifier works in conjunction with your air conditioner. throughout the day it gauges humidity levels inside your home. When things are getting dryer - as they’re apt to do in Livermore summers - your humidifier turns on and adds moisture to your home. While many homeowners may not know what a humidifier looks like, there are some more common models that you’re sure to recognize.

An essential oil diffuser is similar to a humidifier. These units add moisture and aroma to your air as needed. A humidifier installation can help you breath more easily, improve the performance of your air conditioner, and even cut down on irritants that cause allergies and asthma symptoms.

Humidity And Your Indoor Comfort

While you never want excess humidity in your home, as it can cause damage and lead to mold growth, no humidity can have a similar impact. Dry air can:

  • Increase coughing
  • Dry your skin
  • Irritate your eyes
  • Lead to bloody noses
  • Flare allergies
  • Reduce AC performance

Do you already have a humidifier in your home? If you’re noticing the above symptoms, it could mean you need humidifier repair services. Like any appliance, humidifiers require regular maintenance and inspections to ensure they’re working perfectly. At Barker Heating & Cooling we are your indoor air quality experts. We can provide quality repair services and replacements as needed.

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Your indoor air quality can have a huge impact not only on your health, but also the performance of your air conditioning, heating, and furnace systems. Excess humidity is never a good thing, but no humidity can be worse. If you’re worried that your home is not getting enough - call our experts. At Barker Heating & Cooling we are your indoor air quality experts. From top-quality testing to humidifier installations, our cooling contractors have you covered.

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