iWave Air Purifier Installation in Livermore

Keep your home’s air clean with an iWave Air Purifier!

Many homes today suffer from poor air quality because of pollutants circulating through the rooms and ventilation system. If the air quality in your Livermore, CA home is not as good as it was before, then you might want to consider an air purifier.

Barker Heating & Cooling can help you find the ideal air purification system to clean the air in your home so it’s healthier for everyone. Uniquely designed to offer the best air purifying performance, the iWave air purifier helps alleviate all toxic elements in the air you breathe.

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How Does iWave Work?

iWave is an air purification device that you can install in your duct AC system. When polluted air passes over the iWave purifier, it produces ions that help create a healthy environment by reducing smoke and odors, particles, allergens, and pathogens.

iWave’s patented technology is designed to create equal amounts of positive and negative ions. Once these ions are injected into the polluted air, they break down the pollutants into harmless compounds.

Once the ions come into contact with mold, bacteria, or viruses, they remove hydrogen molecules – without them, the pathogens die from no energy source. The ions also attach to allergens such as pollen, making them large enough to be caught by the air filter in your ventilation system.

iWave’s air purification technology generates the same ions that nature creates with ocean waves, waterfalls, lightning, etc. Nature leverages energy and shear to break down molecules, producing a healthy environment by cleaning the air naturally. The upside to iWave’s technology is that it produces a healthy environment without developing harmful ozone.

The iWave Advantage

iWave’s advanced technology comes with a wide range of benefits. For one, it’s an effective air purification solution. iWave purifiers require no ongoing maintenance and have no harmful byproducts. iWave-R’s self-cleaning design allows you to enjoy years of maintenance-free performance.

iWave products come with a three-year limited warranty from Nu-Calgon. All you need to make a warranty claim is to provide proof of purchase and installation by a licensed contractor like Barker Heating & Cooling.

We also offer indoor air quality testing and services to improve your comfort!

Models Available

iWave products come in various models including:

  • iWave-R: Air purifier for residential systems with (no maintenance required).
  • iWave-V: Air purifier for residential systems (low maintenance required).
  • iWave-M: Mini flexible air purifier for ductless and other HVAC systems.
  • iWave-C: Air purifier for residential and commercial systems (no maintenance required).

Looking for an air purifications system for your property? Call Barker Heating & Cooling today! We offer the best air purification products in Livermore, CA – iWave air purifiers to make your indoor air as clean as possible. Dial 925-276-9601 to discuss your needs and schedule service.