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Barker Friends & Family Plan

Why Is Everyone Yapping About Maintenance?

Get a Leg Up on Your Home Comfort

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall, your heating or cooling system is your BFF through them all. That’s because they work like a dog to keep you comfy. But, over time, this takes a toll on their health. Your system’s performance starts dragging its tail, sending your comfort to the doghouse— unless, of course, you give your system the TLC it needs. Our predictive monitoring automatically schedules your maintenance service when our remote monitors register a decline in performance. This not only shakes off your comfort loss worries, it also:

  • Puts a muzzle on faulty parts before they gnaw at your budget
  • Unleashes more reliable system operations
  • Fetches more affordable solutions
  • Adds years to your equipment’s lifespan
  • Sheds high energy bills
  • Breeds healthier indoor air quality
  • … And so much more!

Barker Friends & Family Plan

Greet Peace of Mind at Your Door
At Barker Heating & Cooling, we’re committed to keeping your tail wagging. That’s why we unleashed our Barker Friends & Family plan. This plan is designed to guard you from comfort loss at a budget-friendly price. Joining our BFF plan grants you access to our proactive monitoring. Our system guard dogs will monitor your system 24/7 scheduling tune-ups at no additional cost. We also can identify failures that need our attention and schedule priority service before you and your system are in the dog house. Plus, being a member comes with these bark-worthy benefits:  
  • Limited lifetime warranty on all repairs when you remain a continuous, active member of the pack.
  • 10% off our regular priced services • Lowest price guaranteed on all work • Filters delivered on-demand at wholesale prices
  • Proactive & Priority Appointments Monday-Saturday
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
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We’ll prepare your air conditioner for the dog days of summer by:
  • Cleaning or replacing air filters
  • Cleaning, disinfecting indoor & outdoor equipment
  • Inspecting all equipment components
  • Tightening all electrical connections
  • Indoor air quality testing
  • And more!!
You’ll see the difference in performance after we’re done in your monitoring portal!
We’ll fetch a more dependable and safer heating system by:
  • Cleaning and inspecting burners and furnace cabinets
  • Performing NGAT (Natural Gas Appliance Test) on your furnace & water heater
  • Checking & lubricating bearings and fans as needed
  • Testing your smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors
  • And more!!
But that’s not all. Our system monitors your comfort 24/7 365 days a year. We detect 80% of all failures before they occur ensuring your comfort and safety!
Ready to Adopt Our BFF Plan?
Have your pick of protection from our menu of pricing options.
Make your system the top dog with our BFF Healthy Home Purebred Protection Plan: Reward your system by giving it the ultimate treat—the purebred protection your system needs and deserves. Our BFF Healthy Home Purebred Protection Plan includes all of the benefits previously outlined along with the required equipment to constantly monitor your system. We will bark and sound the alarm if your system needs attention. This plan makes your system the top dog and allows you the peace of mind to know that we are watching your back 24/7! $47 per month for each heating & A/C system** or $499 Down & $27 per month
Want to take us for a walk instead? For those senior systems over 12 years old that we aren’t ready to let go of yet, we have the Basic BFF Plan. This plan sniffs out any issues with two system checks per year. During these checks, our experts will review any additional services or repairs needed to keep the old girl going. An added treat is you receive the same barkworthy benefits as the Purebred Protection Plan minus the proactive monitoring. $20 per month or $240 per year
*Price Match Guarantee. We will meet and beat any price by 5% from any local competitor. To qualify the price must be by a licensed contractor serving the city you’re located in, be written down or submitted to you electronically. Scope, Size, efficiency, stages, and warranty must be matching. Speak to our customer service team for more information. **Billed on a monthly basis. Two-year requirement. After two years, customer can cancel at any time. Remaining balance is due immediately if canceled before two year.

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